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So glad you stopped by to see what I’m up to. This is my author page, where I share about my latest projects, post my freshest writing, and tell you how to find me.

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Stain is Kris Jordan’s debut novel released in 2013.

In order to avoid foster care after their mother’s most recent suicide attempt, sisters Debbie and Rachel White search for their absent father, and discover even more.

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My Best Friend Gia, is Kris’s second YA (young adult) novel, scheduled to be released in 2020.

June Phelps is a loner, happy to be invisible in her diverse high school. But that all changes when she gets noticed by flashy bully, Gia Galifano, and gets pushed into being seen, trouble, and more of her real self.


In May 2018, Kris downsized, climbed into a pick-up truck and started towing a 27′ travel trailer because her vision board told her so.

With no preparation.

And a sh*tty attitude.

Here’s the true life story of what happened.

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