7/20/12, 2012 Aurora Century Theater Shooting Poem


© ‘72012’ Poetry Kris Jordan 2016





56 Injured

1000’s affected


My daughter survived

Only survived

Still surviving.


3 hospital stays

2 suicide attempts

47 stitches


How many f*ing lives?

How much of my money

so a murderer can be housed and fed?

so we can heal?

so we can fight?

The expense is too high.

Too much!

He lives. We die.


Author’s Reflection

This one is hard for me. My daughter was an employee at the Aurora Century theater. It was her first job. She was 16. She was working the night of the shooting. Her life was shattered that night. My life took a turn that night. My child lived and is living with survivor’s guilt and PTSD that has almost killed her.

It hurts to know how much my daughter is hurting, to the point of her no longer wanting to live her life, because of someone else’s actions. She’s not in a place today to advocate for herself. She is not emotionally able to fight for her health. And so I pray.

I pray for her. I pray for me. I pray for me to not take a victim role, but rather to stand in the faith that everything happens for a reason. I stand in my belief that things happen FOR us, for greater purposes than we understand. I stand in my belief that people deserve love. I stand in the belief my daughter will be a thriver.

That doesn’t mean I’m not angry. I’m angry that some one else’s free will, some one else’s mental health issues, that some one else can hurt other people. I’m angry beyond belief. And this poem reflects that.

Today, I pray for the innumeral people who have been affected by the Aurora Century Theater Shooting or any other horrific act of violence. For what it’s worth, I believe in Justice and Love and pray for you.

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3 thoughts on “7/20/12, 2012 Aurora Century Theater Shooting Poem”

  1. Oh my, I had no idea Kris 🙁 I feel your pain for your daughter and you. No one can walk in your shoes or your daughters. Know that we pray for strength to help you and your family move forward the best way you can.

    Thank you for sharing this blog, I have known you for many years and even done business together. But I did not know about this tragedy in your life 🙁 It is a major one as it affects your child.

  2. Judith Spendelow

    Kris, my heart goes out to you and all others who have lived in hell for the past five years from this tragic event. Judith

  3. Patricia Molik

    Kris, I pray for you all, I know that God is and was amongst those hurt and killed that night. God was there for those who suffer in silence becasue of a person who choose evil. Know my heart goes out to all of you and I send my love to your and your girls.

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