Kris Jordan

Know Thyself Prose

I barely recognized my own face in the mirror. I’ve aged.  And worse, I have forgotten I have until I catch my eyes in reflection and remember. And then I seek to forget. Put on clothes that make me feel young and sexy. Long to catch the eyes of a potential lover, not because I …

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The crayons and paper  Sat before her  To play, she was told  She sat, unsure  Could she?  Could she explore?  Or would she have the crayons snatched away by Russell with freckles  who jeered and laughed  Should she hold the crayons closer, tighter to her chest?  Should she shut off emotions and let them be …

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How to Cook an Egg: A Poem by Kris Jordan

How to Cook an Egg Poem (c) Kris Jordan 3/2019 Some people don’t know how to cook an egg At least not how to make an egg for themselves They may only know how to make it for their partner Just like they know how to make a perfect cup of coffee for their lover …

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A Bunch of Lofty Thoughts

Yesterday I was in a very philosophical mood. Sometimes people just put me there. Time heals. I have been thinking about what’s next in my life journey. Here it is, the end of the year and time to reflect on what transpired the last 12 months and what goals I have for the new year. …

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The Tourist’s Camera 

The Tourist’s Camera poetry by Kris Jordan (c) 2018 I find cameras utterly unreliable  It can’t snap the depth of the Grand Canyon  Nor how it brings goosebumps to my skin when the wind blows  Nor how my mind wonders if I am truly seeing into the past  Questioning what I’ve been taught and what …

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Fear, Freaking the F Out, and Becoming Independent

Becoming independent has been my journey lately. This morning a simple Facebook meme had me emotional. It read: “Your independence comes from knowing who you are and being happy with that. You have to learn to trust yourself.” What made me cry is that I have been working on independence, but never as much as …

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And Not Or: What Are You Choosing?

This morning I wrote a Facebook post and used the hashtag #AndNotOr. It felt really good because I am one of those people who had ingrained in me a black and white mentality. Things were often one way or another. Or, maybe I made them that way because the land of gray was just too …

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Candace and Ivory, Prose by Kris Jordan

Candace looked over at the passenger riding in her car. Her best friend, Ivory, had the same long blonde hair as she, but thinner, prettier features. Candace’s round face had never been something she liked, but rather caused her to watch beauty tutorials on how to apply shading to give her a more defined jawbone, …

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Steak and Lobster

Prose by Kris Jordan Theirs was the worst kind of love. Dreamy and hopeful, sad and primarily one sided. He saw all her good and accepted her bad. And her bad looked like her passed out on the bathroom floor, her kid alone in her room, again. It was the nearest objects being hurled at …

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This Small Town

Americana Poetry by Kris Jordan This small town has a shower in the laundry mat. A man, soap on his face and a towel around his waist Walks across the tile towards the change machine for more quarters. “Oh my” says a woman in cut off jean shorts Her foot propped up as she paints …

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