Cheater Poem by Kris Jordan

Cheater Poem by Kris Jordan

Poetry (c) 2016


How do I stop the brain and start the heart?


I’m not present as I kiss her lips

Don’t feel their softness because I’m not thinking of her

The rock in my stomach has me thinking of another


Always thinking

I don’t feel her tongue’s movement against mine inviting me to more

Instead wondering if I will ever succumb to my heart

Stop running

Be here

Right here


When will I no longer succumb to my dick?

That little tiny pea sized dick

Between my ears


When, in bravery, will I shut off that damn switch?

Those dark dim thoughts

Let that lightbulb drop into my chest

And radiate courage


Rather than this cowardice


How do I stop the brain and start the heart?

When will I trust her

Love her and dance with her

And finally leave the other

No, not leave the brain behind entirely

After all, I still need it

To drive. To do math. To choose which investments to make.

But to leave the judgment

That bitchy harsh critic

To let go of all the thinking

To be present with the being

Let go

Allow my feelings to be here

Right here

And love me


Really love me


Author’s Commentary

Self love demonstrated in a poem about a “cheater”… In this poem I use the metaphor of a physical affair to show the disconnect between the head/brain/ego and the heart. I also play on the concept of masculinity (the brain) and the feminine (heart). I wrote it because often I find myself fighting between what I feel is smart, logical, informed and the passion of desire, flow, and presence.

We can’t and shouldn’t completely cut off that linear side of us, our masculine that allows us to analyze and process data. We need it. Our left side allows us to survive and trouble shoot. AND we can’t and shouldn’t completely cut off that creative side of us, our feminine that allows us to feel, know, be. We need it. Our right side is needed to thrive and love.

When we understand and embrace all we are- both masculine in feminine- we can see the value they bring, the balance, the attraction we create from it, the contrast we have with each other, and can grow not only in love for ourselves, but for others as well.

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