To Show Me You Care, Poem by Kris Jordan

To Show Me You Care

poetry (c) 2010 Kris Jordan

Reach for me
Reach for my hand
Keep an open mind
Don’t tell me what to do
Think of me and show me you did
Tease me
Wink at me
Smile at me
Make me laugh and laugh
Surprise me
Tell me about yourself
Hug me
Whisper something to me
Learn my favorite things
Initiate fun
Be honest
Have passion about something
Look into my eyes
Tell me I’m beautiful
Love my mind, body and spirit
Respect my time and space
Ask me questions
Think about me and tell me you did
Wash my car (and never my laundry)
Spend time with me
Fight for me
Reach for me


Author’s Comentary

Communication is crucial to relationship building. Without it, we make a lot of assumptions.

This is one of my older poems and it’s really more of a list I had created when my partner asked me what he could do to show me love. I orginally posted this on Facebook and asked others what they would add to the list. What would you add? Anything you would take away? Could you make a list and share it with someone you love? Could you ask them for their list as well?

Recently, I began working with at-risk youth again after taking a few years off. One of the biggest frustrations is that of communication. These young adults are in a funny situation. Some of them have language barriers because one language is spoken at home and another is spoken at school, work, retailers and more. Some of them have communication issues because they don’t have a phone or computer or access to one at home. Some of them have communication problems because they don’t feel like they have a voice or can speak up.

Communication is a skill we can learn and develop regardless of our age, past or former competency. Hopefully, this poetic list opens up another way you can use to communicate to those you love.

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