How to Cook an Egg: A Poem by Kris Jordan

How to Cook an Egg

Poem (c) Kris Jordan 3/2019

Some people don’t know how to cook an egg

At least not how to make an egg for themselves

They may only know how to make it for their partner

Just like they know how to make a perfect cup of coffee for their lover

Or what ingredients to leave out of the casserole

How to hang the clothes and fold the socks

How to read the clues – the sexual innuendo in order to comply

How to not cry

But they don’t know how to cook an egg to their liking

Therefore I feel it is my duty,

As one who has broken away

Bucked the system, so to speak

As to no longer enduring

And rather living by putting myself first

Not in pride, but in necessity

Lest I die a miserable, martyr like so many soft, fair women before me


One: Get an egg

Two: Think about yourself

Not about what you should like

Or what you know or don’t know

But ask yourself what kind of egg preparation you prefer

Consider the diversity, the options, the textures

And choose

It’s ok to change your mind

And to even not want an egg at all

Three: Do what you want to do

Four: Enjoy it

Five: Repeat steps 2-4

Until you are happy

Genuinely happy

Every day, with or without an egg


Author’s Commentary

This started as a writing prompt for the writing group I lead and it took a twist for me. I had recently read a post in one of my groups online about shame and how we sometimes fall into what is expected of us, whether or not it brings us joy, or is even authentic for us. It brought up for me how I used to feel about my marriage – I was dutiful, doing everything I thought a good wife and mother did. I created an insane list of what it meant to be perfect, which is an illusion – I ended up being depressed and miserable and I lost who I was.

I honestly still struggle with putting myself first. I tend to prioritize others needs, wants and desires and put mine on the back burner, giving them less value. So, as I write about how to cook an egg, I really am asking myself to slow down and put myself, my thoughts and desires back into proper position.

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