The crayons and paper 

Sat before her 

To play, she was told 

She sat, unsure 

Could she? 

Could she explore? 

Or would she have the crayons snatched away by Russell with freckles 

who jeered and laughed 

Should she hold the crayons closer, tighter to her chest? 

Should she shut off emotions and let them be stolen, as she had before, and become more numb? 

Should she stand her ground, raise to her feet and proclaim a strong ‘no’? 

Should she quit imagining scenarios of him all together and get lost in the waxy scenes? 

Could her eyes light up 

Could she giggle 

Could she place the blue crayon back in the box and slide out the red? 

Could she draw swirls and feel spun 

Could she draw steps and climb 

Could she touch clouds and feel their coolness 

Draw shapes in their doughyness with her finger 

And float into stories of beach combing 

Running away with the pirate, rich with swagger and gold 

Being the beauty fought for and won 

Long curls pinned back with combs 

While wind blows across her neck 

Chin pointed to the sky 

Sun warming her eyelids 

Sea spraying upwards 

She shouts 


Author’s Commentary

This was a poem I wrote that was some inner child work, much like my poem “The Warrior and the Dandelion Queen”. I enjoy writing from a childhood perspective, letting my self be swept up in the adventure, joy, fun and wonder.

In this poem, I start hesitant, thinking about all the things that could go wrong based on an experience of past pain. But then, I decide to put that down. It’s amazing what’s possible when we set down the past hurts and allow ourselves to try again, and soar! Pick up your crayons and play today!

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