Girl Interrupted and My Voice

As a YA Author, I write realistic (and usually dark) content.

I have been told a few times that my writing is like Girl Interrupted. I did a Google search of it to see what came up. I certainly heard of the movie- and love Wynona Ryder and Angelina Jolie, but I haven’t seen the movie. And I’m wondering if I should.

Would it connect me more with my readers? Or would it change my writing to something less authentic than my own voice and vision?

As a YA author, I have always written from my heart. I guess my heart is more dark, more deep, and maybe even more raw than I originally realized. The truth is, when I really look at it, I believe that challenges create character. Difficulties create who we are- for better or for worse. We can learn from the school of hard knocks, or we can let it take us down. We can be defined by our circumstances as either a victim or a victor.

We get to choose, but we don’t always know we have a choice.

I am a YA author who deals with the hard stuff that makes up real life. I bring to light our experiences.

In my first book, ‘Stain’, my main characters are Debbie and Rachel White, sisters who are dealing with their mother’s mental illness in their own ways. Debbie turns to drugs, as many people do who are struggling with making sense of things around them that they wish were different. I relate to Debbie’s character in that I really wished things were different for me when I was growing up. My mom and dad were married under 2 years- just long enough to get married and give birth to me. They divorced and my dad remarried when I was just 2 years old. My biological mother all but disappeared from my life. A criminal, an addict, a ‘fun girl’, she chose what she thought was best.

My dad had full custody of me- in the late 1970’s, that was unheard of. He and my stepmom were both alcholics and addicts. They did they best they could. I left carrying scars. Sometimes, they resurface. I wished things were different, but I can’t change the past.

I hope that in reading my ramblings, poems, and stories, you find that you are not alone, that you can have hope and that everything really does happen for a good end.

With Love,



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