Hello Gorgeous Prose by Kris Jordan

Hello Gorgeous

prose by Kris Jordan

Intellectually I know my beauty doesn’t change day by day. But I still look in the mirror to judge it.
Some days, I am rather impressed.

I see my reflection and push my shoulders back, smile and say, “Damn!”

My confidence radiates and shakes the ether.

Other days I see my reflection and divert my eyes with disgust and wonder how anyone could ever find me attractive.

The mirror isn’t having a bad day. It never does.

The only thing it truly shows me is my perception.

I can’t control my mirror.
But, I can choose my perception.

Hello, gorgeous!

Author’s Commentary

I think this poem is pretty straight forward. It may be considered prose because of that. If you don’t feel you are a poet, or can’t write poetry, you may want to consider prose. Here is a simple graphic that explains the difference: Poetry vs. Prose

Prose and poetry are both ways to look differently at life. It gives us time to reflect on something happening and summing it up through examination. Sometimes by putting our feelings on paper, we gain objectivity we don’t have when we allow it to spin through our heads. For me, writing is a form of therapy, and there are lots of therapuetic methods that use journalling, writing, and other creative expressions to help us process and move through something that is or has troubled us.

Many times I believe we are attracted to songs for this same reason- they give us a voice that pin points our feelings. We may like the beat and sound, but often the words draw us in. We get to sing or say what we haven’t expressed, try on a new point of view, pretend, identify and more.

What words have had an impact on you- whether poetry, prose, or song? Do you or have you ever used journalling for therapy or reflection?

Today, I issue you a challenge to sit and journal about something that is bothering you. Pretend you are someone else going through the problem. How does this character solve it? What advice do you give him or her?

How does this objectivity support you?


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