Let’s Go, Poem by Kris Jordan

Let’s Go

Poem © Kris Jordan 2016

Move to Albuquerque with me.

We’ll buy a small stucco home with a back patio full of sun

that shines into the house and makes it glow orange.

Wake up beside me as we lay on top of way too many blankets

like The Princess and the Pea.

The smell of incense in the air doesn’t disguise the

scent of last night’s passion.

We act like we’re 20, even though we’re far from it

giggling and wondering who the hell we think we are to be so young and silly.

Move to Albuquerque with me.

Let’s forget about this traffic and the siblings that rob us and let’s grow zucchini.

Does it grow there?

Let’s bless our dirt.

Let’s take the high road.

Let’s win.


Author’s Commentary

I wrote this poem after having a feeling of wanting to just start over. I think most of us feel this way at one time or another in our lives. I just felt like there was more drama than I wanted to deal with, and that somehow a relocation would make it all go away. Yet, someone once told me, “Wherever you go, there you are,” meaning, whether you relocate permanently or temporarily (ie. take a vacation), you are the same and therefore think the same thoughts and create the same results.

How does your mind create your reality today?

I am a big fan of personal development and have been focused on self-care more than ever these days. A HUGE part of this is being aware of my mindset- those things I think- and how they serve me. When they don’t help and rather hinder, I find ways, to the best of my ability to shift them. This includes exercise, meditation, sleep, a bath, a massage, a pedicure, listening to music…

“Let’s go” poem is a metaphor for changing our mind’s landscape by bringing ourselves into the place where we WANT to be. What is that for you today?

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