The Art of Con, Poem by Kris Jordan

The Art of Con

(c) Kris Jordan 2016

I tricked you.

Made you think I was confident, successful.

I made you see me as beautiful, worthy of being with you.

But you didn’t know it was a con.

Around you I’m just mush.

Convinced one day you will leave.

Scared you may be The One.

Scared you may not be The One.

I tricked you.

But you tell me I didn’t.

You tell me I am as great as I think I am.

You see more of me than I see in myself.

You tell me I can achieve the things I’ve set out to do, even though I haven’t done them yet.

You had me convinced I was more than a starving artist.

That one day I would again eat more than noodles and broth.

That one day love will seep through all my pores like I want it to.

That one day my smile will be genuine.

You made me believe I have value. Worth.

More than what my mind or body could offer,



I am good enough.

I’m not what you see. I am simply scared flesh.

And you deserve better. So,

The con is on.

My race to convince you how unworthy I am and

Your race to convince me how beautiful I am.

Who will win?

Who will convince the other?

I’ve been told love wins.

God I hope that’s right.


Author’s Commentary

I think we all find ourselves as some point feeling like an imposter. Thinking some how we don’t deserve to be “here”, whatever or where ever “here” is. In this poem, I am reflecting on being in a relationship that at times, I don’t feel like I deserve. This really has be examine what I do think I deserve.

What do you think you deserve? How has that changed, or not changed, over time? Where are you a con and where are you con-vinced of something that isn’t true? Is there anyone con-vincing you otherwise and are you listening?

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