The Warrior and the Dandelion Queen Poem by Kris Jordan

The Warrior and the Dandelion Queen

Poetry by Kris Jordan (c) 2015

I am a warrior and I will fight for her

Her, with the wild morning hair,

eyes that haven’t been fogged by hurt,

a heart full of wonder,

beating in rhythm with me,

fully intact.


She need not be locked up in a fridgid marble castle.

She is free to run

with bare feet

on the cool ground

and in the warmth of the sun.

I am a warrior and I will protect her.


That’s why she created me.

She created my flowing purple cape.

With a spin and a flick it changes me into any creature

imagined or real

or, with a snap, create a perfect boundary

of air

or distance

or concrete

or rose petals.


She created my scales, my feathers, my oversized eyes like those of an owl

so I can see more of everything

tangible or perceived.


I will fight

for her dreams, vibrant with hope

For her ears, not rusted form stinging salts

For her fingers that fashion crowns of dandelions.


I will fight

for her belief she can be anything

for her playfulness

for her joy.


My sword will be drawn on those who arrive with malice

those who tempt her with doubt and fear and comparisions

Those who seek to put out her light


I become a dragon and incinerate them

all of them

to protect us

to protect me

to protect the Dandelion Queen


Author’s Commentary

I felt very empowered writing this poem. The concept was this little girl, yes even my inner child and a guiding force I name “Krissy”. She is innocent and should always be. She is a creator. She creates a shapeshifter who is her warrior- one who can keep her safe from the world, internally and externally to keep her creating, as she was intending to do.

I also loved the idea of the boundaries she can create- those invisable, those of distance, those of concrete, and those that are lighter, like rose petals. I think as we move through life we need to know with whom to set the right type of boundaries, not being too soft or too firm, but trusting ourselves.

Who is your inner child’s warrior?

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